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3-in-1 Shamrock Activity

This 3-in-1 shamrock activity is great for number recognition, counting practice, and fine motor skills. The best part about this budget-friendly activity was snagging the supplies for a total of $3 from Dollar Tree and Target! After all, you can reuse these supplies year after year.

nine shamrocks with glass gems and corresponding numbers


  • Foam or Paper Shamrocks (Dollar Tree)
  • Gems, Pom-Poms, or Any Items to Count (Dollar Tree)
  • Numbers (Target Dollar Section)
  • A Bowl

*The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: If you don’t have gems or pom-poms, you can substitute beads or even use cereal or mini marshmallows for an edible treat.


1.) For the first part of this math activity, place a different number of gems on each shamrock in numerical order. Have your child count how many gems are on each shamrock, and find the corresponding number in the bowl. Then place the correct number on each shamrock.

nine shamrocks with glass gems and a bowl filled with numbers

2.) For the second activity, place only one number on each shamrock. Ask your child to add the corresponding number of glass gems to each shamrock.

girl placing number three on a shamrock with three glass gems on top

3.) For the third activity, shuffle the shamrocks around so the numbers are not in numerical order. Have your child count the gems out loud and place the corresponding numbers with each shamrock.

nine shamrocks with glass gems and corresponding numbers on top, but not in numerical order

It’s great to reinforce counting skills even if your child already knows their numbers. Basic numbers become second nature, which prepares them for more complex math. This 3-in-1 shamrock activity can be made to fit any holiday or theme. Try switching out the shamrocks for egg shapes in time for Easter.


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