Best Pregnancy Support Belt 2021

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best pregnancy support belt 2020

At 34 weeks pregnant, I’ve hit that uncomfortable stage in pregnancy. Recently, I noticed the strain on my belly and my back as the baby has grown. So I decided to take a holistic approach, which is how I discovered the best pregnancy support belt ever. Meet the JOBST® Maternity Support Belt. Hello pain relief!

In case you have never used one before, let me fill you in. While round ligament pain is normal, reassurance is not very comforting while I’m chasing my 4 year old around. This is where a pregnancy support belt comes in. Why not improve your well-being during pregnancy so you can enjoy the important things in life?

A Pregnancy support belt wraps around your lower back and abdomen to gently cradle your baby bump, easing pressure on your back and pelvis. 

The Best Pregnancy Support Belt 2021

JOBST Maternity Support Belt

best pregnancy support belt 2020

Why I Love It

The JOBST Maternity Support Belt supports the belly in the advanced stages of pregnancy. It is also designed to be discreet under clothing. (Of course, I’m wearing it on top of my clothing here to show you how it sits on my body.)

Thanks to the modular hook-and-loop fastener, the belt can be adjusted continuously to your growing belly during the last months of pregnancy. I simply open the main part of the belt, then wrap it around the underside of my belly. I close mine so that it’s snug, yet comfortable. You can actually feel the support and lift immediately. Then, I use the fastener straps on each side to adjust the belt for just the right amount of support.

JOBST® Maternity Support Belt

My Personal Experience

I have been wearing this pregnancy support belt for over three weeks now. So I can personally say it is super easy to put on correctly thanks to the anatomical fit. It is very comfortable to wear, and the material is amazing! The band is soft and high quality, yet supportive. Another great thing I noticed is the velcro does not snag the material as you adjust it. It’s also continuously adjustable which is perfect because let’s face it, some days I feel more bloated than others.

best pregnancy belly band 2020

I wish I had found this pregnancy support belt sooner. But at almost 34 weeks pregnant, I finally have the lower back pain relief I need to give me endurance. Packing my hospital bag is next on my list.

JOBST Maternity support products provide options for all stages of pregnancy. So I have a feeling the best pregnancy support belt ever and the Postnatal Tube will make their way into my bag too. Hint hint.

Stay tuned to see what I’m packing in my hospital bag for our son.

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