As a parent living in Illinois, where temperatures drop below -25 degrees Fahrenheit, having a safe car seat coat is a key priority.

Safe car seat coat
Miss 3 (almost 4) wearing Car Seat Safety Road Coat®Down Jacket – Plum – Size 4

Consequently, children wearing puffy winter coats while strapped into their car seat can lead to serious injuries in the event of an accident. As a result of this awareness, I discovered THE ROAD COAT® which is crash tested, CPST, and Miss 3 approved!

The Road Coat safe car seat coat in Plum

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Safe Car Seat Coat

The THE ROAD COAT® is engineered and designed to be safely worn in a car seat. Most importantly, it provides comfort and versatility while keeping your child safer and warmer on and off the road.

THE ROAD COAT® features a thin front inner layer that eliminates the puffy outer layer from being between the car seat harness and your child. As a result, this allows the harness to lay flat and snug against the chest. Furthermore, a unique split collar construction allows the harness straps to pass to the front & lay flat on the shoulders.

Children grow quickly. For that reason, we size up every year and it keeps Miss 3 warm and safe through the winter. THE ROAD COAT® can be easily folded into the accompanying pouch to fit in a back pack, locker or tote, which is great for travel.

The Road Coat Crash Test

THE ROAD COAT® is crash tested by an independent crash test lab, reviewed by renowned national CPST and the certified instructor for both the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

3 Steps to Safety

The inner layer of The Road Coat safe car seat coat

Step 1:

Zip up inner layer, then position shoulder strap into split collar and non slip surface.

buckle child into car seat and secure harness tightly

Step 2:

Buckle child into car seat following car seat manufacturer’s instructions. Secure 5 point harness tightly.

adjust chest clip at armpit level above the red alignment marker.

Step 3:

Adjust chest clip height at armpit level above the red alignment marker.

Save 10%

THE ROAD COAT® is a safe car seat coat that we trust. Save 10% on any One Kid car seat safe product by using our link here. Click to get THE ROAD COAT® today.

OneKid now makes THE ROAD COAT® Snow Suit for infants, and THE ROAD COAT® Vest for older kids, which are also car seat approved.

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