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I’ve had this vision in my head of painting my own modern nutcrackers for some time now. So, when Miss 3 spotted these DIY Christmas Nutcrackers in the store, I knew we had to pick up three sets. These mini nutcrackers might just be my favorite because we have so many more colors we would love to make.

DIY Christmas Nutcrackers

After searching Pinterest for nutcracker ideas, my 3 year old saw this one by Elle from Crafterward. She wanted to try and recreate these for our own Christmas decor. It took a lot of practice to get these exact photos of course. But as a mom, I just couldn’t say no to Miss 3’s request to try Elle’s bright colors. I’m so glad we did!

Above all, these Christmas nutcrackers are very simple to make. Miss 3 had a great time painting her set too! For that reason, feel free to make several sets and display them around your home. You can also use them as gift tags. Another idea is to include them in a gift basket.

Materials to Make Your Own DIY Christmas Nutcrackers:

Christmas Nutcrackers

Christmas NutcrackerS Instructions:

1.)First, simply paint each nutcracker in your choice of color of acrylic craft paint. (I also like to paint the bottom.)

2.) Secondly, allow the Christmas nutcracker to fully dry.

3.) Finally, display your beautiful DIY modern Christmas nutcrackers and enjoy!

The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: Furthermore, add a ribbon to each nutcracker to turn these into Christmas ornaments.

Modern Christmas Nutcrackers

Aren’t these incredibly simple? I am certainly happy with how these turned out. Consequently, I see myself making many more of these next year.

What colors would you paint your Christmas Nutcrackers? Rainbow colors? Or maybe tone it down with pastel shades?

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