DIY Plant Markers

Who else loves DIY plant markers as much as we do?

Consequently, we make new ones each year using items we already have at home. After a quick look around the house, I chose left over paint sticks from a previous project.

Now that we have a toddler, I let her paint them and I absolutely love how they turned out!

DIY Plant Markers painted by a one year old

The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: Some other ideas include popsicle sticks, wooden spoons, canning lids, extra bricks or tiles, tree branches, skewers topped with a cork, scrabble tiles, clothespins, and kid’s plastic figurines. 

TO MAKE DIY Plant Markers, YOU NEED:


1.) First, tape down old newspaper or craft paper to cover the workspace. If your toddler is helping, tape the paint sticks down to the newspaper on one end so the paint sticks don’t move.

Setting up the craft

2.) Second, let your toddler choose the paint color. Squeeze a small dab of paint onto the paint sticks, one color at a time. (Avoid doing all colors at once, or it will inevitably turn brown.)

Painting the paint sticks

3.) Third, to help build motor skills let your child practice using the paint brush to paint.

Because our toddler is one, I quickly learned she liked using her hands best. (Supervision required so they don’t try tasting the paint.) As a result, it became a sensory activity as she squished the paint around in her hands.

sensory experience for kids

4.) Next, allow your child to paint the sticks until they are fully covered.

toddler painting paint sticks

5.) Also, if you’re doing this with your kiddo, set the entire project aside to dry while you wash your toddler’s hands.

Toddler plant marker craft

6.) Furthermore, remove the tape from the paint sticks and separate them. Allow them to completely dry. Use the permanent marker to write the name of each plant.

7.) Finally, place your DIY Plant Markers into the dirt next to each plant accordingly. Miss 1 was happy to help put these into the dirt. Here’s how they turned out.

DIY Plant Markers

I’d love to hear your creative ideas for DIY Plant Markers in the comments below. Once you make these, please tag us on Instagram so we can share your project with others.

DIY Plant Markers


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