Father's Day Craft

Miss 3 was so excited to make this Father’s Day Craft Picture Planter that she couldn’t keep the surprise any longer. She gave Daddy this Father’s Day surprise and added a memorable photo of her and Daddy as a personal touch.

What You Need:

  • Small Planter of your choice – We used a ceramic planter
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brush
  • Cup of Water
  • Painting Smock
  • Kid’s Craft Gloves
  • Smooth Rocks to paint – I found ours at Michael’s.
  • Thick Floral Wire
  • A Small Cylinder to shape the floral wire into a circle
  • White rock filler – I found ours at the Dollar Tree
  • Acrylic Paint Pens

Father’s Day Craft Instructions:

1.) Prepare your work surface with old newspapers or old wrapping paper to prevent a mess.

2.) Prepare a cup of water to rinse the paint brush.

3.) Help your child put on their painting smock and craft gloves.

4.) You can pre-paint the rocks white, or have your kiddo help you with this process. (Bright paint colors show up better when the rock is primed with white paint first.)

5.) Have your child pick paint colors for their rocks, and start painting the top side, over the white painted rock. For smaller children, you can squirt a little paint onto the rock and let the child spread it all over the rock.

6.) Let the top side dry. Then flip the rock and paint the back side.

7.) While the rocks are drying, your child can paint their planter. Again, we painted the planter white before adding bright colors. You can also choose a planter that is already white, and simply add bright colors.

8.) Parent Only Step: Use a small cylinder and wrap one end of the floral wire around until it makes once complete circle. Make 2-3 additional loops depending upon how tall you’d like your picture holder to be. Slide the wire off the end of the cylinder and you have a picture holder. Optional: Loop the other end of the wire around a small rock to anchor it if there is a hold in the bottom center of the planter, or simply slide the picture holder down into the planter.

9.) Your child can choose to decorate their painted rocks with eyeballs and faces, or simply paint a design on them. Once everything is dry, you can begin assembly.

10.) Assemble the planter by adding the picture holder wire in the center of the planter and fill halfway with white rock filler. Arrange the painted rocks into the planter accordingly, adding white rock filler as needed. Add white rock filler around the painted rocks to hold them in place.

11.) Add a special message like “My Dad ROCKS! Happy Father’s Day!” Also add a special photo of Daddy and your kiddo(s) for a memorable touch.

Father’s Day Inspiration art

Click here for another great Father’s Day craft from kids. “Father’s Day Inspiration Art” Gift

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