Watercolor Process Art

This watercolor process art turned out so beautiful! After a conversation with Miss 3 about what “inspiration” means, she came up with the idea to make this “inspiration art.”

This is a simple, yet creative art process that can be taught to children.

What You Need:

easy crafts for kids

The Learning Process

Miss 3 has been painting since she was 10 months old. We consistently have conversations about colors, the color wheel, complimentary colors, and primary colors etc.

From experience, she’s learned that mixing all the colors makes brown or “poo” as she calls it. Consequently, she chooses not to mix a lot of colors at once.

Educational Tips

The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: Painting activities are a great way to open conversations about colors, mixing colors, and how to create new colors using primary colors.

You can teach your child not to repeatedly rub the same area because the paper will peel and become a hole.


1.) The sky is the limit here. Let your child paint away. (To create the watercolor process art like in the above photo, teach your child to paint one color at a time in various places across the watercolor paper.)

spring watercolor process art

2.) Once the painting is finished, let it dry completely. Your child can proudly sign their painting. Also, be sure to write the date on the back.

Fine Art Wall

The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: You can measure the painting and buy a coordinating size frame. We have chosen to create a fine art wall in our home. Miss 3 is proud to display her work and shows everyone who comes to visit.

easy crafts for kids

In short, this watercolor process art gives me all the spring feels! It inspires me so much that I asked Miss 3 to please make another one for my office. I’m going to frame it and hang it right in front of my desk where I can see it everyday.

Above all, let us know if you try this at home and be sure to tag us on social media @TheMaternalHobbyist so we can share your wonderful creations!


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