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Safari Ltd. Transportation Sorting Activity

Sensory play is one of our favorite activities to do with Safari Ltd. figurines! Miss 4 loves exploring them in different ways. Of course I love all the learning opportunities that come with sensory play. Today I’m sharing how we use the figurines from our Toobs to create this Safari Ltd. transportation sorting activity.

Miss 4 has done this activity three times this week, and I love how simple it is to set up! Read below for details and an exclusive discount code.

Safari Ltd. transportation sorting activity



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Safari Ltd. transportation sorting activity

How to Make this sensory activity:

1.) First, fit your construction paper to your containers. For small containers, trace around the bottom of the container and cut out the paper to fit. Repeat for both paper bins.

air and safari ltd figurines sensory bins

2.) Next, glue cotton pads/balls onto blue paper as clouds. Then glue the road divider lines onto the black paper.

Land and Water sensory bins

3.) Add blue food coloring to a little water. Stir the water, then pour into the third bin. (We also added blue glass gems in the bottom.)

4.) Finally, add all of the Safari Ltd. figurines from all three Toobs into the 4th bin.

Safari Ltd. Transportation Sorting Activity:

Safari Ltd. transportation sorting activity

Sorting and classifying objects are important mathematical and scientific inquiry skills. It also helps children make sense of the world around them.

When children begin to learn about different modes of transportation, they think about how people move from place to place. This Safari Ltd. transportation sorting activity is our play based opportunity to introduce transportation and the geographical terms “air, land, and water.”

Begin talking to your child about the different modes of transportation as you take them out of the Toobs. You can also point out which bins are air, land and water.

sorting transportation figurines to air, land, and water bins

I loved doing this activity alongside Miss 4 so I was able to answer any questions she had. Not to mention, we had a lot of fun!


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