Sea Turtle Life Cycle
Sea Turtle Life Cycle Sensory Bin

In homeschool preschool this week, we’re studying the sea turtle life cycle. I’ve also included a FREE Montessori printable that goes with this Safariology set.

Oh, and did I mention this sensory play is taste-safe?

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

This multi-part activity demonstrates the life cycle of a sea turtle and the environmental effects of oil spills. The best part is, it’s completely taste-safe for littles!


Free Montessori Printable

Sea Turtle Life Cycle
Sea Turtle Life Cycle


1.) First. prepare Jell-o as instructed. Pour into sensory bin and place in refrigerator at a slanted angle. The slanted angle will make one side of the ocean appear deeper than the other.

2.) Once the Jell-o is set, pour coconut sugar into the other side of the sensory bin as the sand.

3.) Next, add the 2 larger sea turtle figurines to the water. Place the sea turtle hatchling and the eggs in the “sand.”

4.) Begin talking to your child about the four major stages in the lives of sea turtles. For example:

  • A.) Sea Turtle Eggs
  • B.) Sea Turtle Hatchling
  • C.) Juvenile Sea Turtle
  • D.) Adult Sea Turtle

5.) Finally, the best part is allow your child to learn through play!

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Oil Spill Activity

This mixture replicates an oil spill.

Once the coconut sugar mixed with the Jell-o, we noticed it turned dark brown like an oil spill. Consequently, this created a learning opportunity about the effects of oil spills on animals and the environment.

Meanwhile, I began showing Miss 4 videos of past oil spills. As you can imagine, she was heartbroken for the animals. But, she was happy to see some of the animals saved by being cleaned with Dawn dish soap.

Above all, this created an entirely new learning experience through play. I moved her bin to the bathtub and gave her a clean bin with Dawn dish soap. She washed each animal to remove all the “oil.” Talk about a wonderful teaching moment.


1.) Set up this Spring Sensory Bin in less than 10min. using dried beans, planters and flowers.

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3.) Try this FREE Blooming Puddle Paper Flowers activity today! Simply print, color, cut and fold according to the instructions. Then, watch the magic happen.

4.) For more fun play-based learning activities, try this DIY Kid’s Play Tray!

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