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Snowball Catapult STEM Activity

Would you like to keep your kids busy with play-based learning during winter break? Let’s build our own quick and easy catapult and learn about levers with this snowball catapult STEM activity!

Build this Easy Catapult with popsicle sticks, a spoon and rubbers bands

We first tried this snowball catapult STEM activity last year and it was a hit! So this year, we made our own to use with “snowballs.”

We learned that a catapult is a simple machine design that uses a lever.

plastic spoon, popsicle sticks, rubber bands and pom poms

This particular catapult design is easy and the spoon holds the “snowballs” pretty well. You only need 4 rubber bands, 6 popsicle sticks, and as many pom-poms as you want.

Assembling the Snowball Catapult

Okay, let’s do this!

Materials Needed:

*The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: If you don’t have pom-poms, you can substitute crumpled paper or even use mini marshmallows for an edible treat.

Snowball Catapult STEM Activity Instructions:

1.) First, stack 4 popsicle sticks.

2.) Second, secure each end with a rubber band. Wrap each rubber band around several times to make it nice and secure.

stack of 4 popsicle sticks secured with a rubber band on each end

3.) Next, place a popsicle stick under the spoon handle with the spoon facing up. Line up the end of the popsicle stick with the handle end of the spoon.

plastic spoon stacked on top of one popsicle stick

4.) Secure a rubber band around both the spoon handle and the stick together.

rubber band wrapped around the spoon and popsicle stick

5.) Then create a stack starting with the remaining popsicle stick on the very bottom. Add the 4 sticks perpendicular, then the spoon/stick on the very top.

catapult assembly stack

6.) Now, use the remaining rubber band to secure these all together by wrapping the rubber band around the bottom securely. Stretch the last loop around the right side of the perpendicular stack like this.

rubber band wrapped around the right side of the popsicle stick stack

7.) Then do the same for the opposite side by wrapping one of the rubber band loops around the left side like this.

catapult close up of rubber bands

8.) Finally, it’s time to launch the “snowballs!” Hold the bottom stick with one hand while you place the pom-pom on the spoon and push down simultaneously with the other hand. Now slide your fingers off and watch it FLY!

My 5-year-old loved doing this Snowball Catapult STEM Activity! She ran to show daddy how it works and now he wants one of his own so they can have a snowball fight. Sounds like a fun winter break activity to me!


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