Watermelon Math

Miss 4 is currently counting numbers 1-20. So I made this up-cycled watermelon math activity large enough to fit plenty of “seeds.”

This reusable activity can grow with your child as they learn to count up to 50!

Most importantly, this activity is wonderful for counting practice, number recognition, and pincer grasp development.

Watermelon Math

To do this watermelon math activity, create the watermelon below, then present your child with a bowl of black beans and number cards.


Cardboard Watermelon INSTRUCTIONS:

1.) First, use a piece of leftover cardboard and cut a watermelon slice shape.

2.) Next, using a pencil, lightly draw the outlines for the green and white rind.

3.) Once your lines are drawn, paint the white strip of rind first.

4.) Then paint the outside green strip of rind.

5.) Finally, paint the remaining cardboard interior red, and let the paint dry completely.

Watermelon Math Activity:

Watermelon Math

First, set up the cardboard watermelon math slice along with a bowl of black beans as “seeds.” You can use your favorite wooden or magnetic numbers, or try these number flash cards. Begin the activity by setting out a number and have your child count the corresponding number of seeds and place them on the watermelon slice. Most importantly, have fun!


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