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Darla, like her cousin Danny, has the amazing “Power To Choose.” While reading this book, your child will help Darla choose if her day will be filled with positive or negative interactions. Depending on Darla’s choices, this story will lead to one of 8 different endings. The best part is, Miss 4 is now using her “Power to Choose” to make better real life decisions! “What Should Darla Do?” is our new favorite book!

What Should Darla Do?

About this Book:

Darla is a young and spunky astronaut-in-training. She wants to go to Mars one day, just like her favorite doll, Astronautica. But, to do so, she’ll need to practice using her Power to Choose wisely.

What Should Darla Do?

This book is perfect to educate children on aspects of social emotional learning. It builds recognition of feelings, reactions to those feelings, learning emotional triggers and more. I highly recommend buying this book to share with the young people in your life! Just prepare to read it over and over to reach new endings.

Positive Affirmations Activity

We were so inspired by this book, that I created this Kid’s Positive Affirmations activity based on the scene below, from page 7.

Kid's Positive Affirmations activity




Kid's Positive Affirmations activity

1.) First, place the mirror onto one piece of cardboard and trace around it with a pencil.

2.) Parents Only: Next, use the X-Acto knife to cut out the circular area where the mirror will show through in the cardboard. (Cut out on top of a different piece of cardboard or a self healing mat to prevent scratching the table underneath.)

3.) Then, cut out strips of cardboard and write out words of affirmation using the markers.

4.) Use the foam mounting tape to build a large enough space to slide the mirror down into the cardboard opening. (Once both pieces of matching size cardboard are attached, it will create a pocket for the mirror.) Place a small rectangle of foam mounting tape on the bottom border of the left and right side of the pencil mirror tracing. Add foam squares on top to build a small tower on each bottom side. Repeat for the left and right sides of the mirror.

5.) Next, attach the matching sized cardboard to the sticky foam mounting tape. The mirror should now be able to slide down into the cardboard slot from the top.

6.) Finally, attach the velcro dots to the front of the cardboard cutout, around the mirror. Match the velcro dots onto the back of the cardboard words. Place the words all around the mirror.

How to Do this Activity:

Kid's Positive Affirmations activity

Start by reading What Should Darla Do? to your child, including the words of affirmation on page 7. After you finish the story, pull out this activity and have your child hold the mirror looking at themselves. Begin to have them repeat you as you say, I am…” Then, speak the word of affirmation and hand it to your child to velcro around the mirror until all words are completed.

This activity builds their self-esteem, improves their well-being, and encourages creative thinking. It’s also great for word recognition.

The Maternal Hobbyist


1.) Try our latest educational Watermelon Math activity, just in time for summer.

2.) Then, set up this Spring Sensory Bin in less than 10min. using dried beans, planters and flowers.

3.) If your child likes cars, check out this Transportation Sorting Activity!

4.) Finally, try this FREE Blooming Puddle Paper Flowers activity today! Simply print, color, cut and fold according to the instructions. Then, watch the magic happen.

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    1. Darla is so fun! The publishers sent us the cape. I bet you could actually reach out to them on Instagram and ask how you can get your hands on a cape. Their Instagram page is @ganitandadir . They are giving a free Danny cape with the gift set purchase right now too!

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