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Sponsored Posts: Do you have a product you would love to feature, but a review isn’t really your style? Sponsor a full feature post showcasing your brand and product which will include high-quality photos for your use.  All sponsors are linked and credited in the sponsored post, as well as across my social media channels. I am happy to negotiate the number of social shares and compensation.

Social Media Promotion:  We offer high-quality images and videos for UGC and/or to post on our own social media. I create a content concept, then come up with a shot list and a mood board. then style and shoot your products, and then post the content on my social media. We typically create cone your product on my social media accounts. It’s a great way to spread the word to my active followers.

Giveaways or Discount Codes:  Incentives are great for my readers and your potential shoppers. I can host a giveaway or offer a discount code for your brand or product in addition to a sponsored post, product review or social media promotion.

Product Reviews:  I bet you have a product that you think is great and you want the world to know about, don’t you? Well, I can be the judge of that. I will give an honest and fair review, including both pros and cons, and share it with my readers. The review will include sharp, high-quality photos of your product in action, that you can promote on your own media channels if you promise to link back to this site or my social media. I have high standards. I will only represent brands that I find to have cool, quality products that my audience will care about.

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