Diverse Toys for Kids

Little Likes Kids diverse toys for kids

As a biracial family, I’m always on the lookout for diverse toys for kids. Watching my daughter’s eyes light up as she sees herself represented in games and activities brings so much joy!

As a matter of fact, I remember the exact moment my then 3yr old was putting her jumbo puzzle together. Suddenly, she discovered a girl that looked just like her. Her face lit up! She physically jumped up, pointing at the girl on the puzzle saying, “her hair is just like mine!” “Mommy look! Her skin is just like mine!”

Most importantly, that was a turning point in our lives. For the first time, she felt validated and began to embrace her own natural beauty.

Little Likes Kids Jumbo Puzzle

Now Available at World Market!

THIS is why I’m sharing four of our favorite diverse toys for kids. And guess what! These are now available at World Market! So you can pick these up online here, or at a location near you. Woohoo!

Little Likes Kids diverse toys for kids
Now Available at World Market!

Little Likes Kids

If you are not familiar with Little Likes Kids, please let me introduce you. Founded by an African American mom, Little Likes Kids was lovingly created to provide high-quality, fun, and colorful toys that represent children of all backgrounds.

They believe all children should have access to toys that represent cultural and ethnic differences to children accurately and clearly. For instance, take a look at these athletes below.

Little Likes Kids Sports Go Fish Card Game
Little Likes Kids Sports Go Fish Card Game

These diverse toys for kids are learning tools that aid in cognitive brain development, learning, and memory.

Jumbo Puzzle
The first time my 3yr. old saw a girl who looked like herself on a toy.

Choosing Diverse Toys

Children process their lives and the world around them through play from a young age. It helps them develop social and emotional awareness while building their self-esteem and compassion for others.

So as parents, we have the opportunity to shape the foundation of who our children will become through the toys they play with. Choosing toys that reflect the diversity around us is a great way to teach empathy and celebrate our differences.

For example, check out or favorite memory game below. This game taught Miss 3 types of instruments and dance. It also opened new conversations about cassette tapes and record players. Needless to say, this is a great visual aid. Plus, the thickness and design of the cards make them high quality so they last. We’ve had ours for two years now, and they still look new.

Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroad Memory Game diverse toys for kids
Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroad Memory Game

A word of encouragement

Finally, I encourage you as a parent, to be intentional with the toys you choose for your children. Let’s celebrate our differences in the world around us.

For more information about how to talk to your children about race consciousness, you can read our Parent’s for Equality post here.

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