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A Sustainable Kid’s Clothing Brand You’ll Wish You Found Sooner

Girl wearing Petite Revery white shirt under jean vest with jean skirt. Younger boy standing next to her wearing Petite Revery gray cloud shirt with coordinating tan and gray cloud shorts.

(Their Outfits: Her Shirt, Vest, and Skirt. His Shirt and Shorts.)

Impact-Site-Verification: -1466484034 Convenience is an easy trap when it comes to kids’ clothing but fast fashion is NOT the way to go. First, fast fashion is not sustainable. Secondly, why not buy clothes that are made to last so they can be passed down between relatives or friends while having a lighter impact on the environment? That’s a win in my book! After all, as parents, we always want the best for our kiddos. So if you’re on the lookout for a sustainable kid’s clothing brand that’s also high quality, and comfortable with neutral colors, you’ll be thrilled to discover Petite Revery. Trust us; it’s a sustainable kid’s clothing brand you’ll wish you found sooner!

Girl wearing Petite Revery white shirt with pink cotton skirt. Younger boy sitting next to her wearing Petite Revery green cloud shirt with blue cotton shorts.

(Their Outfits: Her Shirt and Skirt. His Shirt and Shorts.)

What Is Petite Revery?

Petite Revery is not your typical children’s clothing brand. It’s a breath of fresh air in the world of kids’ fashion, offering parents an opportunity to dress their little ones in clothes that are not only made for play but also environmentally conscious. Founded with the aim of making a positive impact on the planet, Petite Revery has quickly become a go-to destination for parents who value sustainability, high quality, and neutral style.

Boy running while wearing Petite Revery gray cloud shirt with matching tan and gray cloud cotton shorts.

(His Outfit: Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes.)

Why Moms Love Petite Revery

  1. Sustainability: One of the standout features of Petite Revery is their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. They carefully select materials that are high-quality and low impact on the Earth. For example, they use cotton fabric, recycled plastic for the buttons, and EcoPureⓇ, biodegradable plastic in their packaging. So we mamas can rest easy knowing that our kid’s clothing isn’t contributing harm to the planet.
  2. Durability: Kids are notorious for putting their clothes through rigorous wear and tear. Petite Revery understands this and designs their playwear to be functional and comfortable in order to withstand the active lifestyle of children. My kids have personally tested the durability of these clothes are they are definitely built to last! This actually saves you money over time and reduces clothing waste.
  3. Classic Designs: Petite Revery takes a different approach with a soft palette of neutral designs that are fashion-forward yet classic. This allows your child to wear them season after season. This also means fewer wardrobe updates, less consumption, and a more sustainable approach to fashion. And by the way, their clothing is perfect for a capsule wardrobe!
  4. Sizes for Toddlers and Children: From toddlers to 10yrs, Petite Revery offers a range of sizes to accommodate your child’s growth. This means you can stick with this brand as your child grows, maintaining a consistent and sustainable wardrobe.
  5. Attention to Detail: One of the first things I noticed after the thick quality material was the stitching. Not only is it neutral in color, but you can tell that someone really took their time to ensure every piece of clothing was stitched and hemmed correctly. Talk about impressed!
  6. Giving Back: Beyond clothing, Petite Revery is also proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. As a member, they donate 1% of their sales, not profits directly to environmental organizations that are committed to making the planet a better place. That means when you purchase from Petite Revery, 1% of your purchase will go towards a certified environmental organization.
Petite Revery brand cream cotton shirt under blue jean vest embroidered with a cloud.

(Her Outfit: Shirt and Vest.)


Petite Revery is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable and thoughtful approach to dressing our kids. When you choose Petite Revery, you’re not just buying clothes; you’re investing in a brighter and more environmentally friendly future for your child. So, if you haven’t discovered this amazing brand yet, head over to their website and explore their collections today. You’ll wish you had found them sooner!

Girl sitting while wearing Petite Revery "Daydreamer" shirt in cream color with denim skirt.

(Her Outfit: Shirt and Skirt.)

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