We believe in hands-on learning. From the time our daughter was a toddler, we implemented practical life skills in our home. It started with hand washing, towel folding, and planting our own garden.

Gardening with Kids
Gardening – Age 1

Now at age 4, she gets herself dressed, prepares fruit for breakfast, sets the table, and puts away her own laundry. She also planted her very own fairy garden this year, including perennials she chose herself. The responsibility she’s learning by taking care of it is wonderful!

Living Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden – Age 4

More recently, we’ve added really fun projects like sewing, baking and crafting. Here’s a DIY birdhouse she made recently. As a result, we have new feathery friends building a nest for their eggs.

DIY Birdhouse
DIY Birdhouse

Through practical life skills, children become independent and self reliant. They also become great problem-solvers, with boosted confidence.

DIY Planter
DIY Planter

Hands-On Learning in School

What if schools emphasized the many ways that hands-on life skills relate directly to core subjects like math, science, history and even language arts?

hands on learning by disassembling a Boombox
Disassembling a Boombox

Melissa Rayworth says “some students have the chance to learn these skills at home. But for many, especially those whose parents are grappling with a range of other challenges, schools can help fill in those blanks — even during remote learning.”

Is a new era of hands-on learning on the horizon? Join our conversation with Remake Learning as we #remaketomorrow a more promising place for every learner.

hands on learning by disassembling a computer mouse
Disassembling a computer mouse

The future

Imagine what the future of our world would look like if all kids had a solid foundation in hands-on learning.

beekeeping hands-on learning

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