Fun Snow Dough Recipe for Kids

If you’re looking for fun activities for kids, you’ll want to try making this easy snow dough recipe, which uses only 2-3 ingredients. This sensory material is a fun way to change it up. Not to mention its super easy to make!

Snow Dough Recipe

What you Need:

  • 16oz (1lb) 454g Corn Starch
  • Conditioner – You can pick this up at Dollar Tree for $1. (choose a scent you love)
  • Food Coloring (Optional)
snow dough recipe


1.) Pour the Corn starch into a large bowl.

2.) Add 3/4 of the bottle of conditioner to the bowl.

3.) Add the food coloring to the conditioner and add more as needed during mixing.

4.) Mix the ingredients together until they form a dough. Add more conditioner if the mixture is a bit dry.

6.) Play with it like playdough and store in a sealed container as it will dry out and become the powdered version of cloud dough, which is a new form of sensory material that can be transformed into a new sensory bin activity.

Sensory Play Tray

To make this sensory play tray, you’ll need the popular Snow Dough recipe above plus the following:

I hope your kiddos enjoy this super fun snow dough and this pineapple play tray! Check out our other fun activities for kids here.

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