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Wax paper suncatchers

These wax paper suncatchers are a great way to utilized used crayons. The best part is, these are simple and they make wonderful gifts!

wax paper suncatchers

If you love to see beautiful colors in the windows, try making these easy wax paper suncatchers with your kids.

To make A wax paper suncatcher, you need:

  • Crayon shavings (We used old crayons)
  • 2 Sheets of Wax Paper
  • 2 Foam Shapes cut out to make a frame. (I use adhesive foam sheets.)
  • Glue for the frame unless you use adhesive foam
  • Iron (For adult use only)
  • Old thick towel
  • Piece of ribbon for hanging the frame
crayon shavings


1.) First, lay out one piece of wax paper (I laid the frame on top so Miss 3 could see where the border would be.)

2.) Second, have your child decorate the wax paper with the crayon shavings.

3.) Next, place the second piece of wax paper over the decorated wax paper.

4.) Then, carefully place the wax paper onto half of an old towel and fold the other half over the wax paper to completely cover the craft.

5.) Very importantly, set the iron to a low to medium-low setting.

6.) Have an adult iron on top of the towel, over the area where the wax paper craft should be inside of the towel. Iron slowly and periodically lift the towel to see if the crayon shavings are melting.

melted crayons

7.) Once finished ironing, let the wax paper cool. Then place the foam frame over the wax paper and either mark the wax paper and cut, or measure and cut the excess wax paper off.

8.) Finally, if you choose to glue the frame on, place the ribbon between the wax paper and the frame so it will be glued in the center.

The Maternal Hobbyist Tip: If you use adhesive foam, begin peeling the adhesive off and carefully stick the frame to the wax paper. You can add the ribbon between the frame and the wax paper or you can tape the ribbon onto the back if you prefer.

Once you finish, the wax paper suncatcher should look something like the (below.)

wax paper suncatchers

Hang your suncatcher

Now it’s time to hang your suncatcher in the window and admire all the bright colors! We love these so much that we could could completely fill the windows with these!

wax paper suncatchers

As you will see, these make the most wonderful gifts from our kiddos and everyone loves them. Consequently, we’re making more for Miss 3’s grandparents and for our dear neighbor.

Above all, let us know if you make these and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @thematernalhobbyist so we can share your wonderful creations!

sucatcher hanging in the window

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