“Fall” Theme Learning Shelf!

Color Recognition, Counting, Tracing, and Free Montessori Printables – All on one shelf!

Is your toddler ready for a week full of Fall learning? Perhaps they’re also learning to trace and identify Living and Non-Living things? Not only is this shelf easy to set up, but it offers a range of learning opportunities, which can be added to throughout the week.

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After requests from our 2yr. old for more crafts and activities, I realized she’s ready for themed shelves full of learning opportunities. She’s currently learning number recognition, tracing, and sequencing, so I’ve added activities to help her practice those skills. Since she’s new to identifying Living and Non-Living things, I laminated this Free Montessori Nature Printable that I signed up for after hours of reading about Montessori Education.

Free Printables are such an affordable way to introduce hands-on learning. It’s wonderful to see your child’s observations and answer their questions because knowledge is power.


As crafts and activities are completed, try adding new learning components to each activity and watch your child’s renewed excitement! You can also add new printables throughout the week to keep them engaged.

You Need:

  • Decorate your shelf however you’d like to. (Miss 2 helped make the Fall tree from recycled packing material that came in one of our Amazon boxes.)
  • Books that incorporate the Fall Theme. We signed up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library since our area qualifies for the program and she receives one new book per month. This month, we’re using “One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!” from Miss 2’s Imagination Library collection, as part of a counting activity I created. If you have a child under 5, you can check to see if your area qualifies for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library here.
  • Fall Counting Manipulatives (I bought the mini acrylic pumpkins in the Amazon link below.) You can also go on a scavenger hunt and collect acorns to use for counting too.
  • Numbers (You can use printables, flashcards, or even draw the numbers out onto paper.)
  • Free Printables from Montessori Nature
  • If you prefer to laminate your printables like I do, I’ve included the Scotch Thermal Laminator and the Marigold Laminating sheets that I purchased off of Amazon below.

My Amazon Picks

So far, Miss 2 has really enjoyed counting with the pumpkin/leaf manipulatives. Throughout the activity, she counted each set of items out loud and made sure it matched with the corresponding number. At the end, she counted from 1 to 10 and pointed to each set and giggled with excitement as she successfully completed the activity. This Fall theme shelf is a definite must try!


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